Clippasafe Cabinet Slide Lock

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Your home is the perfect place for your child to grow and learn all of their new skills, however, there are also a number of dangers which they are not aware of. As your child grows they become more and more intrigued as to what surrounds them, however, not all of these areas will be completely safe for your child and you may need to take some measures to ensure that your child is safe at all times.

The Clippasafe Cabinet Slide Lock is perfect to secure double cupboard doors to prevent your child entry into any cabinet. The Cabinet Slide Lock attaches quickly and easily to childproof your home as soon as possible! Soft inserts at closing points help protect furniture to leave no marks or damage after use. With these locks secured onto your cabinets it provides you with an ideal location to store harmful substances such as medication or cleaning products, to make sure your child is as safe as possible; giving you one less thing to worry about!