BabyDan - Supreme Alma Autofoldable Safety Guard

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With the BabyDan ALMA safety gate, tight spaces in the home are not an obstacle to keeping your little one safe. It’s a retractable safety gate and folds back automatically so it almost doesn’t take up any space.

You can open it with just one hand so you can easily pass through it even with your hands full. It’s suitable for almost any opening as you can mount it both on the inside and outside of the door frame or between two walls.

Dimensions :

  • Fitted inside a door frame: 64.5 cm – 89 cm
  • Fitted outside a door frame: 55 cm –79.5 cm

Key Features:

  • Near invisible when not in use. To open simply pull out & press down handle side button.
  • Folds back automatically taking up minimal space