Little Gubbins

Little Gubbins Reusable Baby Wipes Essential Kit - Includes 10 x Microfibre Wipes, 10 x 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton Wipes, Waterproof Wet Bag, 2 x Laundry Bags & 100ml Spray Bottle

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We like to think of our essentials kit as the ultimate all in one kit for reusable baby wipes that makes using reusable wipes equally as easy and convenient as wet wipes. The pack includes:

  • 10 x microfibre wipes with super absorbency for dirty hands and faces
  • 10 x 70% bamboo 30% cotton wipes with natural antibacterial properties, perfect for changing dirty bottoms and cleaning poo
  • Large 30 x 28cm waterproof wet bag with 2 zip close pockets and a sturdy strap for easy attachment to your pram when out and about
  • 2 x colour coded laundry bags. Blue for ‘bottoms’ pink for ‘hands’
  • 100ml spray bottle allowing you to wet your cloths with ease on the go