Breathable Baby | Pure Pail Classic Nappy
Breathable Baby | Pure Pail Classic Nappy
Breathable Baby

Breathable Baby | Pure Pail Classic Nappy

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The PurePail™ Classic nappy pail uses patented odour-blocking technology.  We engineer all our products to be delightfully simple and easy to use.  Parents have their hands full, quite literally.  With baby on one hip or resting on the changing table, they need to get rid of that dirty nappy (and that dirty nappy smell) fast.  An easy to use nappy disposal system is the perfect counterpoint to all the other complicated baby gear in their lives.

Superior Odour Control:

Proven N° 1 in odour control in independent testing

Our bags remain closed while the lid is open to prevent odour escaping

Made for use with PurePail™ Odour-Barrier Bags

Charcoal filter absorbs odours without added fragrance

Larger Capacity, Greener Footprint:

Holds approximately 20% more nappies while generating 34% less plastic waste than the leading brands

Patented odour containment system allows more of the pail to be used for nappies

Safe and Easy to Use:

Lid opens with one tap

Easy bag change

PurePail™ comes fully assembled

Child safety lock protects little fingers and keeps curious little hands out