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Wigimama White Button Cushion

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It’s all in the finer details. No space is complete without those finishing touches that make it feel like your own. Creating compositions with various cushions in all sizes, shapes and colours can elevate any space, even the smallest change can make a huge difference. The rounded shape of the Wigiwama Button Cushions makes them very versatile and a perfect way to make an area feel even cosier! The central button with the matching surrounding cord brings a touch of symmetry and a beautiful plump shape. For throwing on a bed as an accent, adding to a teepee for extra comfort, placing in a corner for reading or onto a sofa for comfort for the whole family! Made of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Velvet, these are just the softest cushions around but the safest too!

Whether you’ve got a warm or cool-toned space, the White Button Cushion will pair beautifully. This snow-white looks beautifully pure and brings light to any area. Expertly combined with yellow cording and matching button, this piece will work collectively with your space to bring the extra touch of refined comfort. 


Size: 35 cm diameter

Composition: 80% Cotton, 10% Polyester

100% Micro Cluster fibre padding, easy to care for, lightweight, washable and hypoallergenic

Machine washable!