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Wigimama Velvet Deep Blue Bunny Beanbag

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Each Wigiwama Velvet Bunny Beanbag provides an instant elevation of comfort and cosiness to any home. Whether it’s for a nursery, playroom, living room or to be moved around the home, this soft velvet is luxurious whilst comforting. The bunny ears add an understated but playful touch that makes any space feel child friendly. Creating a quintessential place of their very own, the Velvet Bunny Beanbag makes an ideal reading spot, a great seat for watching films, the place to chill out and relax or even the snuggliest spot to take a nap. The outer and inner fabrics are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® ensuring this beanbag is safe for all types of lounging. 

The Velvet Deep Blue Bunny Beanbag is a rich blue that adds another playful element to this soft and practical piece. The blue invites the most imaginative ideas and dreams, encouraging your little one to get creative!


Size: L75 cm x W60 cm x H60 cm

Composition: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester

Non-woven fibre inner shell

Non-flammable, food-grade and odourless EPS bead filling

Machine washable!