Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee Splashtime Bubble Blowers

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Stimulate your child’s senses at bathtime as they enjoy the feel of bubbles on their skin with these Tommee Tippee Splashtime Bubble Blowers. Simply fill your Iceberg with bubble mix, dip in your favourite friend and blow to create masses of bubbliscious bubbles. Bath toys like this give your children a chance to learn valuable skills through water play. They learn how to develop hand eye co-ordination as they find the hole to blow through and see where the bubbles come out. And they soon see how cause and effect works, blowing to create bubbles. These fun, repetitive games also help your baby refine their hand movements and develop fine motor skills that allow them to control movements. Designed to resist mould and mildew, these bubble blower toys are easy to keep clean and dishwasher safe for an extra clean. They’re BPA and BPS-free so you have no worries about them being safe for baby to play with.