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Designed, developed and handmade in Sweden, Emmaljunga has been manufacturing strollers in the same location since 1925 in Emmaljunga, Sweden. Today we are proud to be a third generation family owned business and the world's oldest, active stroller factory.
We have made a conscious choice to maintain production in Sweden and Europe and invest large amounts each year in product development and environmental investments in our Swedish factory. In a time of mass production, strong brands stand for more than just excellent quality. Our customers and suppliers appreciate our responsibility and commitment that goes before growth and market share. Our core values of safety, quality and sustainability have made Emmaljunga a beloved brand in large parts of the world. We are proud that we have been able to maintain our craft tradition in Sweden, and maintain quality control, competence and workplaces in Europe allowing us to offer our customers sustainable products of the highest quality.
We are proud to use fossil free heating, producing our own energy through our solar plant on the roof of our factory. We have a closed water system when manufacturing our tubes, ensuring that contaminents do not reach external water sources. Heat is recovered from manufacturing processes and used to keep our factories warm.

The Emmaljunga Parasol is designed to fit their range of prams and strollers to provide protection for your child on sunny days

• Beautifully designed Emmaljunga Parasol
• Adjustable clamp to fit the full range of Emmaljunga Strollers
• Removable from clamp for easy removal
• Can be adjusted to different positions

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Adjustable Clamp to fit the full range of Emmaljunga Strollers Can be adjusted to offer maximum protection Easy to remove when folding stroller or for storage Available in a range of colours Part of the Exclusive range of Emmaljunga Accessories