NUBY Microwave Steriliser Bags x6

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These microwave sterilising bags are such a super easy and convenient way to sterilise your bottles, dummies, teethers, and baby accessories in only 90 seconds! Being light and foldable, they are the perfect space saving solution for sterilising on-the-go or for taking on holiday. Simply pop the item you want to sterilise in the bag, add 60ml of water, zip lock the bag, place it in a microwave and let it do its thing to blast away the bacteria and germs! You will need to cheque the wattage of your microwave to set the correct time. If it’s 1100w or more it will do it’s thing in only 90 seconds. Allow a few minutes to cool before you unzip the bag and remove the contents - then you’re ready to use it all over again. The set includes six bags and each bag can be used up to 30 times. The bags come with a usage chart for you to easily keep track of the number of times you have used them. Once you get to number 30, it’s time to move onto the next bag. The full set will cover you for 180 sterilisations – that’s enough for a very, very long holiday.