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Wigimama Minty Green Classy Beanbag

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The most traditional beanbag shape, the Classy Beanbag is the popular choice to suit all interiors. With its purposeful design, the stitching forms the classic shape which will last being jumped on time and time again. In combination with its soft and comfortable filling, the Classy Beanbag creates a child-friendly space in even the most elegant of rooms. With the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, this beanbag is made of child-friendly and safe materials. For encouraging independent reading skills to join the whole family for films and popcorn, the versatility of the Classy Beanbag is ideal for all homes. 

The fresh Minty Green Classy Beanbag gives a modern edge to the traditional shape. The bright shade brings a natural edge along with its matching leaf pattern. Often chosen for home offices or art studios, a beautiful green shade is linked to creativity. A comfortable piece to inspire the imagination too!


Size: L90 cm x W60 cm x H60 cm

Composition: 100% Cotton

Non-woven fibre inner shell

Non-flammable, food-grade and odourless EPS bead filling

Machine washable!