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Wigimama Koala Cushion

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These friendly faces never fail to brighten any room and instantly elevate a space to feel child-friendly. Each cushion has its own personality depicted by its beautiful embroidery. Hand finished with glitter detail, these cushions are extra special and provide familiar comfort for your little one. Made of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Velvet, these cushions aren’t just super soft and ready to be snuggled, but they’re been certified that they’re the best to be cuddled with. Having such affectionate characteristics, they work aesthetically on their own, but also can easily be paired with their friends!

The Wigiwama Koala Cushion has a soft grey and purple colour that feels so warm and calm. The little embroidered smile appears consoling and that added glitter stitching makes it incredibly unique. No one will be able to resist passing the cushion without giving it a cuddle!


35 cm diameter

Composition: 80% Cotton, 10% Polyester with shimmer details made of jersey glitter

100% Micro Cluster fibre padding, easy to care for, lightweight, washable and hypoallergenic

Machine washable!