Junior Jones

Junior Jones J-SPIRIT Cup Holders

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Our J-SPIRIT Cup Holder is the perfect JUNIORJONES accessory for helping you stay hydrated while out on your everyday adventures. Keep your’s or your little one’s drink at your finger tips for convenience and a good reminder to keep drinking! We all need to be reminded to drink more water everyday! The cup holder is flexible at the top to ensure your bottle is held secure. It holds most standard drinks bottles. It rotates around once attached to angle your drink perfectly to reach. We do recommend to take extra care with hot drinks near your child. The cup holder clamp attaches to your J-SPIRIT chassis simply. Place the clamp around one side of the chassis and squeeze around into place to secure. To remove the cupholder simply squeeze the clamp away from the chassis. Ensure that you have removed your drink before removing.

13 x 9.5 x 14