Halilit - North Pole 4 Seasons Gym

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Treat your baby to the ultimate comfort and developmental fun with Taf Toys’ North Pole 4 Seasons Gym. This extra padded and spacious mat is specially designed to promote baby’s senses and motor skills development, with beautiful and stylish illustrations including cute characters that will ensure you love it just as much as your baby!

The gym comes complete with 5 playful multi-sensory hanging toys, including a crinkly rainbow with fluffy fabric, a butterfly ring rattle, a chime bell penguin, a rattling bear and even a musical toy with lights and captivating melodies. All the fun and fascinating toys will ensure your baby as tons of fun whilst also working on their motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and their cognitive development. The toys can also be removed from the gym so they can be played with separately or on the go, ensuring your baby can on their motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination as well as their cognitive development.

The spacious mat ensures your baby can practise a variety of body positions, including that all-important tummy time practice! Once baby gets a little bigger, the arch and toys can also be removed, so your baby and a fun and colourful play mat to enjoy.