Doddl 3-piece cutlery set in Aqua Green

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doddl children’s spoon, fork and knife set

At doddl, we make clever kids’ products that are especially designed to make mealtimes easier and more enjoyable.

Aimed at toddlers and young children, this ergonomic cutlery set includes a spoon, fork and knife.

Certified safe for children, doddl cutlery is contoured to fit your child’s hands, making each piece easy to hold and control. The doddl knife allows children to chop all their own food, making eating with cutlery much easier and more successful!

The colourful soft touch areas help strengthen the pincer grip whilst the short, contoured handles encourage the correct finger placement, helping to develop dexterity, coordination and control, making it easy to transition to adult cutlery as and when your little one is ready.

The doddl knife has a unique design. The handle sits in your child’s palm and allows them to push down through food, making it much easier to use effectively.

    Suitable from 1 - 5+ years

    Certified safe

    Available in three vibrant colours

    Colourful soft touch areas help develop your child’s pincer grip (a key motor skill)

    Handles are contoured to perfectly fit your child's hand

    Knife handle sits in the palm, helping with grip

    Knife blade is cleverly designed to chop through food but not skin

    Cutlery ends made from food safe stainless steel

    Spoon end offers easy access to food

    Fork prongs are functional but safe for children

    Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

    Recommended by feeding and development experts

    BPA and phthalates free

    Multiple award winning

    British design