Clippasafe Plug Socket Covers (6 Pack)

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As your children grow, they become more and more intrigued with what’s around them, unaware that some of their surroundings are indeed hazardous; including plugs around the home. These Clippasafe Plug Socket Covers allow you to hide numerous plug sockets with a simple click in replacement that will protect your little one either day or night.

This new design is subtle and discreet and will not draw attention from visitors or your intrigued child! These are removable through using the plug you need plan on using and slotting one of pins into the slot, this easily removes the plug socket cover, ready for use. The patented design of the Clippasafe Plug Socket Cover allows you to have confidence that your children will be safe and not in harm’s way throughout the day, meaning you have one less thing to worry about!


6x UK Style Plug Socket Covers
Easy installation for hassle-free safety
Unique design is easily removed without any mess
Provides you with peace of mind in your own home
Suitable for use with UK three-pin plug sockets