Clippasafe Designer Webbing Baby Harness Little Angel

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When your children learn to walk it is an amazing achievement, however, when they start to get a mind of their own this becomes worrying for many parents. Therefore, with the Clippasafe Designer Harness and Reins you are able to keep a close eye on your child when you are out and about. Harnesses offer young children a large amount of freedom and stability when starting to walk, but offers parent’s peace of mind that they are safe.

The Clippasafe Design Harness and Reins are fully adjustable around the waist and shoulders to ensure it fits your little one perfectly and has an easy to release clasp on the back so that the child cannot remove themselves without your assistance.


Adjustable harness with reins
Full adjustable about the child’s waist and shoulders
Press to release button on the back of the harness
Suitable up to 4 years