Clippasafe Drawer & Cupboard Spring Latches 2 pack

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When children grow they become more and more intrigued with everything around them, unaware of potential dangers that could be around them, especially within the home. Therefore, Clippasafe have provided parents with a solution to help with this issue. The Clippasafe Drawer and Cupboard Spring Latches allow you to prevent your children access into particular aspects of your home.

The Clippasafe Drawer and Cupboard Spring Latches attach onto cupboard, drawers and other units to restrict access. The spring operated latches can be clipped down to allow unrestricted access when this is required. This particular set comes with 2 Spring Latches included to ensure your home is as safe as possible. With the Cupboard and Drawer Spring Latches attached it provides you with the perfect place to store medication, cleaning products and other harmful substances and objects that you wish for your child to be kept away from.