Breathable Baby

Breathable Baby | Pure Pail Go Refill Bags

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Available for the Classic PurePail™ and the PurePail™ Go nappy pail systems.  The bags are made from 7 layers of thin plastic film to create an odour barrier.  These bags are constructed so oxygen cannot pass through the layers, making it impossible for smelly nappy odours to escape.  But just to make sure, we had our bags laboratory tested and they passed with flying colours.

Superior odour control:

Laboratory tested 7-layer odour barrier bags

Designed for ease of use:

Individually sized

No cutting. No canisters.

Cost effective refill system:

Holds more nappies than the leading brands

PurePail™ Classic - roll of 25 bags holds up to 1,375 nappies

PurePail™ Go – roll of 25 bags holds up to 300 nappies