BabyDan - Tora Safety Gate

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With a crawling child, things are lively at home. You can make it easier to keep your little one safe by using this BabyDan TORA safety gate so you can create child friendly areas in the home. It’s a pressure fit safety gate so you avoid using tools and wall cups when mounting it.

If you use it with more than two extensions, it will be necessary to use the enclosed wall cups that you need to screw into the wall or door frame. The built in safety indicator shows you if you have mounted the gate properly. You can easily pass through the safety gate that you can operate from both ways with one hand.

  • Dimensions: 71.3 cm - 77.6 cm

Key Features:

  • Can be fitted to the wall without the use of wall cups
  • Built in indicator shows whether the gate has been mounted correctly
  • One handed operation